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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Beverly encourages us to take a moment and examine who you are and what you are today. Do you look back at dreams that were locked up in a hidden box? What are the dreams you put on hold because of trauma or loss?


God loves your dreams. He put desires and dreams inside our heart; however, the enemy hates dreamers. Beverly reminds us of the story of Joseph and the dreams God put in His heart. The enemy tried to steal Joseph’s dream through various difficult trials, yet God carried him through and brought good out of it. Going through these trials all points to our positioning in helping with the Great Harvest.  

Beverly calls us to action:

  1. Seek the Lord with all your heart.
  2. Use your mind.
  3. Heal your heart. 


Are you ready for the movement of the Spirit of the Lord? Are you ready to encounter God and lead you to experience dreams He has for you?


You HAVE a purpose...EVEN in tragedy. God has His hand outstretched waiting for you.


Need help uncovering your dreams? Beverly is offering a new Bible Study series- Helping you to find your purpose and dreams again. Contact Beverly at or head to or join us over on our FB group: The Resilient Heart + RECLAIMING your Life After Trauma.