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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

Jessica is a faith-based fitness coach, podcast host speaker, and author. She hates rules, restrictions, and religious duties and lives her life by putting God first. She loves to live authentically with integrity and freedom through Christ. 

The cycle of becoming afraid of food.
When you finally get to that place where you’re like, “I’m doing this because I feel better”.
What brought you to the point where you realized that you were responding to your body?
When you’re single, you don’t have to confront anything that you want to, but when you are with someone you have
Pain is a place of visitation, not a habitation.
What is your spiritual body coaching?
What we speak over ourselves is what we end up with.
When you criticize your body, you’re speaking life over yourself. When you criticize yourself, you are speaking the things of God.
The importance of creating space between you and your reaction.
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