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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

I welcome my guest Justina Page as she shares her story of tragedy to triumph.

Justina and her husband James had a marriage that was based on having children and a Godly family.  She threw her everything into that. Her children were important to her and were her world.  Together they had six boys. They were happily situated working in the church. Her husband's career afforded her the opportunity to stay home and home-school her children.

  One day she remembers looking out her little bay window and thinking Lord everything is well for me, of course, it is easy for me to go to church and praise you. But what if something happens, I wonder if I would still be capable of praising you?

Now, she doesn't recommend asking God a question like that as you might get your answer in a very real way.  Three weeks later she woke to explosions, complete darkness, and horrific heat.

Justina shares the horrors of their home on fire, the loss of one of her twins, and the aftermath and recovery.

She brings a picture of hope and how when the hard times come and we are tested how we can learn to trust the Lord again.  She has learned through her journey to not ask why, but instead what now?

If we know the "what" we can recover. She has come to understand the why doesn't matter to a person who has sold themselves out to Christ.