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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Married for 18 years, Brooke and Adam Fish have 2 boys and live in Dallas, Texas. The running joke is that they do everything together - from their podcast ministry, The Unseen Story, to working together in their individual creative professions and raising their boys to serving in marriage ministry - God has made it abundantly clear that they are a team! They have a passion and mission to share the love, power, and hope of Christ through the personal testimonies of His children

They came to faith later in life and didn't grow up in church.

In 2001 they came to faith and started attending church.  They became involved and their faith grew. During that time the Holy Spirit wasn't part of that discussion.           

Nine years ago, that was kind of your introduction, the unseen story is really, what is the Holy Spirit?  Jesus said better that I go that he may come.  So he's talking to the disciples. So the Holy Spirit's a person in the Holy Spirit's our promise, and it's better than Jesus in person. And I think we really do that a disservice, at least in our, in our church, where we grew up for, where we were really built up in our faith for 12 years that really wasn't discussed, really, the Holy Spirit really wasn't part of the conversation. And I think our last eight years and moving into this podcast and sharing these stories, meaning people who have experienced, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heard him speak, had miraculous healings. We have had stories of a dead boy raised back to life. He was literally dead on the respirator, came back to life. So those stories will radically shift your faith when we start meeting and interacting with those kinds of people. And that's been our journey over the last eight years.

"I believe that we were called to do this. I believe the church is headed in a direction where it’s, Spirit and truth. That we’re raising up an army to engage the enemy, to push back darkness. And I think that it’s not just an army that is intellectual in nature. I think there’s got to be power. Paul talks about that, that He didn’t come just in words, but He came in power. That’s just my hope for this podcast; to cast a vision through the power of a good story on what it looks like to move in power." -Adam

You can connect with Adam and Brook @ the unseen story

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