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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Angela Forker is a Pastors wife, mother, and grandmother. She has a passion for photography. 

She and her husband were missionaries overseas for fifteen years.  She thought she would always be in the missionary field overseas.  During that time, their nineteen-year-old daughter became pregnant.  This wasn't something that was supposed to happen to the Pastor's family.  She thought our ministry was over, our lives were over, and our daughter's life was over. Amazingly the church surrounding their daughter with support and love.

Shortly God called them back stateside and started putting it on her and her husband's hearts that He had something else for them to do. They wanted to go back to being missionaries, and someone told her if you go back to being missionaries when God has told you he has something else for you to do that she would be in disobedience. She realized She wanted to be in obedience to God's will. Slowly God called her into photography.  She began taking newborn photos. She prayed over each baby. God then asked her to begin the precious baby project, taking pictures of special needs children. 

Just when she thought she had enough on her plate, the call came in to begin the "After the Abortion" series.  She shares how she wrestled with God in tears for several days.  In her heart, she wondered, "are they worthy of your compassion God?"

As she stepped into this world where she had no experience herself, she began to see the deep regret, pain, and remorse her clients suffered with. They shared their stories of pain that were shocking and real.  After suffering in silence for years, they were able to find forgiveness and freedom from a decision they regretted every day of their life. Through this mission, many have walked into a place of peace and healing. Now she finds herself shedding tears right along with these beautiful ladies.

She shared with us the beautiful pictures of pain to redemption.  You can find these pictures on her Facebook page. 


If you wish to get in touch, you can reach out to her at the links below.