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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Aug 10, 2021

Bethany Barendregt is the Creative Director of Women Encouraged Podcast.

She is a follower of Jesus, wife, and a mother to 5 kids.

She helped found the Women Encouraged Conferences with the goal for women to grow in Christ and to be shaped by his word.

She had a lot of conversations with women who were looking for more than the fluffy and a pat on the head.

She knew the power of the word in her life was real and, that the Holy Spirit works through the word.

She has dealt with adversities in her life. One being a TBI with post-concussion syndrome. Being in the word has set her up to handle trials well. "God is not defined by her circumstances."

We talk about adversity, how do we love those that are hard to love, envy and comparison, and the wilderness season.

Grab your journal and learn "the power of the word."

You can find her here