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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Sep 17, 2021


After the death of their oldest daughter, Laura Diehl, along with her husband, Dave, founded Grieving Parents Sharing Hope (GPS Hope) and travel full time in their Hope Mobile (a 38-foot motor home) providing support and resources to grieving parents on their difficult journey, including local weekend retreats. Laura hosts the weekly Grieving Parents Sharing Hope podcast and is also a singer and national speaker. She has written several books, including the multiple award-winning When Tragedy Strikes: Rebuilding Your Life with Hope and Healing After the Death of Your Child (Morgan James Publishing, New York).

Dave and Laura’s home base is in Southern Wisconsin and are the parents of 5 adult children (including Becca who has already received her promotion to heaven) and are blessed with six grandchildren.



She and her husband Dave are here to walk with grieving parents through the suffocating darkness of child loss guiding them to a place of hope, light, and purpose. Our desire is to end isolation, judgment, and shame in the grieving. Laura has walked through the loss of her youngest daughter Becca. When Becca was three years old, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She had her leg amputated at three years old, and then she went through nine months of chemotherapy. She survived that. But they found out several years later that one of the chemo drugs they were giving children at the time, caused long-term effects. The long-term effect was causing heart damage. So she was tested. And she did have moderate heart damage, it did begin to get a little bit more severe as she got older. She got married and was pregnant with her first child, her condition began to worsen. "Becca was having this baby, might not live through it, when they were taking her away. I remember crying in my husband's arms. And I said I don't know why I'm crying because, at that point, I knew that I knew I knew that I trusted God. And he just nailed it. He said, Well, we don't know which direction we're gonna have to trust him for." Laura and her husband Dave, travel in their motor home ministering to many parents across the country.

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