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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

Melissa Bright is the host and creator of the Bright Side of Life Podcast.  She was ranked number seven out of 50 and top moms in podcasting and podcast magazine this year.

 On her podcast, She talks to people that have been through struggles and pains in their life and how they found their path back to the bright side, (whatever that means to them)
She believes that happiness and looking on the bright side is all about mindset, and these stories navigate and discuss people's successful journeys to happiness.
Some of her topics have included: divorce, cancer survivor, trauma, suicide prevention, abandonment, addiction, finding God, therapy, and many more. 
Last year before Covid, I was a travel agent and had to make a major change. 
During this time she did a lot of self-reflecting and asked herself what made her heart hurt. In doing this, She realized that she hates people feeling alone in their own struggles. 
So that's how and why the podcast came to be.

"And I was kind of like, felt my worth was helping contribute to the family. And I just felt alone in my struggles, like I felt a lot of people probably did, even though we were all going through something globally, we all kind of felt alone in this also. And so I kind of had this heart-to-heart conversation with myself and said If travel isn't going to be the thing that I'm doing right now because traveling is nonexistent. I need to figure out what it is that I want to do. And I had listened to a podcast and a lady was talking about how she found her purpose in her life. And she kind of explained it and said, when you look out into the world, and you see something, and it hurts your heart, and you want to know how you can change that and how you can make a world a better place, then you know, you found your purpose."

Melissa shares about the loss of her mother, grandmother, and father in a short span of time.  She found herself without anyone close for support.

Enter in and hear how Melissa found her hope once again.


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