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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Nancy Hicks is a speaker, teacher, podcaster and author who works at the intersection of head, heart and soul to help women live fully alive in their faith. For over a decade Nancy engaged millions of viewers as an on-air spokesperson for QVC—she understands what it’s like to try and balance work, marriage and motherhood. In every season, she has learned the power of intimacy with Christ —she’s found true aliveness from within. Now she helps other women find it too and unleash the power and passion they’re created for and called to. 
The author of Meant to Live, Nancy has been featured on Hallmark’s Home & Family, The Jesus Calling Podcast, as well as in Publishers Weekly, The Christian Post, For Every Mom and more. Through it all, she encourages women in every stage of their faith, including doubt, grief, and unbelief, equipping them to take their place in God’s Kingdom. For more information, visit
Nancy shares what's on her heart today? She is in the beginning stages of grief. Her precious firstborn son,David died on May 1 2021.
She has two sons and a daughter in law.
David was in the middle of doing a dual degree at Harvard, in public policy and law. He had studied at Oxford, he had done a triple major in his undergrad at a small Christian college on the East Coast, just outside of Boston. He loved God, he loved people across the boundary lines that we have erected. And I mean, in all sorts of ways. He was brilliant and humble. He worked and lived in China in Shanghai for two and a half years before he went to graduate school. And he spoke fluent Mandarin.
He was a gatherer of people. When it came to David, all types of people across boundary lines, geographical theological, you know, spiritual, all kinds of boundary lines. And he could gather them easily because he connected with people beautifully. Why? Because he loved them, genuinely loved them.
As she walks through her grief journey with us she shares how losing David has impacted her relationship with God.
She leaves us with the following advice:
"the extent to which you enter into into pain is the extent to which genuine life will be released in you."