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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

Shelley Craig is the Director of Programming and Communications for the Faith and Grief Organization.

Faith and grief's mission is in providing opportunities for comfort and hope for those who've experienced the death of a loved one.

Our philosophy is that grief is difficult. It is hard, and it needs to be witnessed. And for that to happen we need to be in a community with others who are walking a similar path. And we have three main programs, our monthly gatherings, which is an hour-long program that is sort of structured, like, almost like a worship service to some degree.

Grief is so individual, and it can be individual to the specific loss. And for many, the idea of losing a child sounds horrific sounds like the worst thing possible and I would think most people would agree with that. We also find that many times, people's emotions and grief experience can be so varied depending on the loss that it's hard to say one is, is harder than another. And they can be experienced so specifically and so differently, but I think for many people who are parents that probably would feel like the worst loss.

Traumatic grief. It is so powerful but it also adds in the case of, y, death by suicide, or maybe an accidental overdose. Unfortunately, there are so many added burdens to the Griever around that. We as humans, really want an answer right now. It's one of the reasons. The Bible is so big. We really want answers and so many times because a traumatic death, or a surprising instant like that accident, doesn't have a good answer. It just complicates grief, and it complicates the whole situation.

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