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The Resilient Heart Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

I have been MIA for a while.  The truth is I came to a place where I needed to lay everything down before God.  Sometimes we so desperately want to make a difference and we try so hard to make things happen.  In this episode, I share how I backed out of everything and dug deeper into my relationship with the Lord.  In the middle of this mess, my mother contracted Covid.  I was sent on a prayer journey like never before.  Our God is a God of miracles today! I then found myself on my own personal journey of an unexpected surgery.  What do I want you to takeaway?  

I want you to know Jesus. I mean really know Him.  Are you more in love with the idea of following Jesus than actually knowing him personally? In this time of isolation and our world looks so different in the Christmas season come to a place where you know you were fearfully and wonderfully made.